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Google AdWords Update: Outstream Video Ads

AdWords Update: Outstream Video Ads

The next big thing in AdWords is here. Google’s newest product, called Outstream video ads, is a new unit designed for the ways people read, swipe and scroll. Built exclusively for mobile environments, Outstream video ads run on high-quality publisher websites and mobile apps called...

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Kelley & Associates now a Google Partner

Kelley & Associates Becomes a Google Partner

Google’s Partner Program recognizes and rewards advertising partners who consistently deliver great results for a growing client base. We are happy to announce that Kelley & Associates is a Google Partner specializing in search ads! That means we’re kind of a big deal in the AdWords...

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3 mobile trends to watch in 2017

3 mobile trends to watch in 2017

The new year is finally here, and we’re ringing it in with a look at some of the mobile trends you’ll see on your smartphone this year.   Focus on video As you've probably noticed, streaming video has been a big priority for social media over the last...

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Organic SEO do’s & don’ts

No matter how much you’re investing in your PPC advertising budget, you’re losing leads if you’ve neglected your site’s basic search engine optimization needs. SEO not only helps you improve your organic (unpaid) search results, but it can also boost the cost effectiveness of your...

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Pay Per Click Advertising with Kelley & Associates Advertising

PPC: High Performance Advertising That Works

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the best online tools available for pushing traffic to your website, increasing the visibility of your business, and tracking engagement with your brand. It’s an internet marketing model in which an advertiser pays a search engine to run ads that...

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Viewing on mobile phone

Keep your Mobile Website Competitive

Last April, Google updated its search algorithm to include the most mobile-friendly results possible. This meant that sites that load quickly, navigate easily and display correctly on hand-held devices began to outrank their older, nonmobile-friendly counterparts. Non-mobile sites significantly lost their page rank and fell...

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing Crash Course

Content Marketing is all the buzz. And according the experts, your business should be doing it. But what exactly is content marketing? In short, content marketing means creating and sharing valuable, consistent and free content that drives customer loyalty. Sounds great, but it’s so much more...

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