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Do you know what people are saying about your business online? Don't ignore the buzz.
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Online Reputation Management

Don’t Ignore The Buzz: Why Your Business Needs Online Reputation Management

Do you know what people are saying about your business online? Today’s consumer goes online when they want information about a product or service and monitoring, assessing and influencing your online reputation is now a necessary part of building your business. So leverage positive and negative buzz to change the conversation. Learn more below about how the right Online Reputation Management program can generate leads, protect your brand and engage key influencers.


  • Demonstrate commitment to customer service – When a customer posts a review of your business, whether good or bad, it is important to offer a personal and timely response. Providing a response to an online review or a social media comment shows that you are in touch with your customer’s opinions and are appreciative of the feedback.


  • Engage your online community – Nowadays almost everyone is actively communicating on social media networks. Joining the online conversation about your business allows you to stay informed on what customers are discussing and provides you the opportunity to easily respond to all comments.


  • Earn back the trust of displeased customers – Sometimes all it takes is an apologetic response to a negative review to win back a customer with a bad experience. Acknowledging their disappointment, and never deleting their comment, is something every business can and should do.


  • Read, respond and learn from customer feedback – Reading and responding to negative and positive reviews is essential, but what is the point if you do not learn from the feedback you are receiving? Gaining insight into what your customers are saying allows you to learn how to better serve them and to fix any repeated customer concerns.


Kelley & Associates provides assistance with monitoring social media & review sites, finding mentions of your business, and creating customized responses. Contact us to learn more about our reputation management services, or to get a custom quote tailored to your needs and budget.


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