Four Things to Know about Google's Mobile-Friendly Update

Four Things You Need to Know about Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

As more people use their smartphones and tablets to browse the web, the need is greater than ever for search results that are optimized for mobile devices. That’s why Google is updating its search “algorithm” — the formula that finds answers to your questions — to include the most mobile-friendly results possible. That means sites that load quickly, navigate easily and display correctly on hand-held devices will begin to outrank their older, nonmobile-friendly counterparts. Keep your website competitive, and learn more below about how you can prepare for Google’s mobile-friendly update.

  1. Make front-end improvements. Google provided advice on the seven common issues to avoid when converting to a mobile-friendly web design. Fixing issues like video content that’s not playable on mobile devices or faulty redirects to your mobile URL can significantly improve your mobile search ranking.


  1. Take Google’s Mobile-Friendly test. Drop your website URL into the text box and hit “Analyze.” You will quickly find out if your site receives a passing or failing grade. If it needs some improvement, Google will provide suggestions.


  1. Change your failing grade to a passing one. If your site does not pass Google’s Mobile Friendly test, check out Google’s PageSpeed Insights . This Google application will give detailed feedback on what needs to be fixed on your website and tips on how to fix it. Even if your website received a mobile-friendly passing grade, PageSpeed Insights will provide suggestions on how to enhance your site’s speed and performance.


  1. Test your site. Repeatedly. Once you have made the necessary changes to your website, access it on different smartphones, tablets and browsers. Make sure that your changes are consistent across all devices.

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