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Keep your Mobile Website Competitive

Last April, Google updated its search algorithm to include the most mobile-friendly results possible. This meant that sites that load quickly, navigate easily and display correctly on hand-held devices began to outrank their older, nonmobile-friendly counterparts. Non-mobile sites significantly lost their page rank and fell off Google’s first few pages, making them very difficult to find. This May, Google is taking that one step further and will be giving even more preference to sites that are mobile-friendly. Google’s goal is to assist users in finding pages that are relevant to their search and are mobile – friendly.

Keep your website competitive with these three mobile- friendly tips:

  • Improve mobile usability – Make sure that your website is easy to browse through on a mobile device. To create an enjoyable and efficient user experience, use bullets to break up content, simplify design and use images sparingly.
  • Test your website speed – Mobile users want information and they want it fast. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to assess how quickly your site loads.
  • Optimize your mobile content – The copy on your website should be clear, concise and focused. Since mobile devices have such small screens, it is very important to have easy readability. Your content should also include relevant keywords that will enhance your SEO.


Not sure if your site is mobile – friendly? Take Google’s quick and easy mobile – friendly test to see if your site is ready for Google’s update in May.

Kelley & Associates has an experienced team of SEO specialists and developers that can evaluate your website and execute mobile-friendly changes, improve your mobile search ranking, and convert your website to responsive design. Contact us today.


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