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Kelley & Associates is a full-service advertising agency near Memphis, TN.


Why Kelley & Associates?

Web Forward

Before considering a paid search advertising program, be sure that your website is getting all the free traffic it should be. Kelley & Associates optimizes websites for both human visitors and search engines, utilizing best practices for content development, programming, lead capturing and more.

Nationally Acclaimed

Kelley & Associates has been internationally recognized for excellence in design, strategic planning, promotion, and broadcast production.

In-House Creative

Kelley & Associates’ art department utilizes the latest in design technology. Our in-house capabilities allow us to quickly respond to client needs, and keep costs low.


Our capabilities


Choose Kelley!

Driving sales, building your brand, generating leads, finding new revenue streams—that’s the focus of everything we do. Every tactic is tailored to your specific needs, budget and timeframe. Every design contributes to your unique brand. Because we’re a full-service agency, we’ll help you speak to your customers with one voice across all mediums.